National Science Foundation  NSF/MCB-1818219 Dissecting molecular mechanisms of plant cytokinesis and cell plate development NSF

National Science Foundation NSF/IOS-1258135: Dissection of Polysaccharide Deposition and Assembly into Plant Cell Walls

UCD COR: Development of novel probes for studying the plant endomembrane system

Pistachio Research Board (PRB): Trait and marker evaluation for breeding salinity tolerance and climate adaptation in California pistachio rootstocks.

Pistachio Research Board (PRB): Morphological and cellular characterization of Pistachio fruit development shell splitting and kernel quality improvement.

Almond Board of California (ABC): Characterization of root anatomy and plasticity in almond rootstocks for improved nutrient uptake and stress response.

Hellman Fellowship: Understanding Vesicle Trafficking During Plant Cell Division Using a Novel Inhibitor, Endosidin 7